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X Learning K9s specializes in scent detection, behavior consulting, puppy confidence building and pet dog training.  
Is your dog displaying aggressive behavior toward other dogs and /or people? We can help with that. Don't have time for training sessions for your puppy or adult dog? Try our Day Board and Train. Drop off in morning, pick up in evening. Leave the training to us for a little while but know that we expect commitment after follow ups. Is your adult dog or puppy showing fear based behavior or is uncomfortable in different environments? We can help to build confidence.  We also offer behavior evaluations for shelters, rescue groups, or individuals that would like to adopt. Get a comprehensive evaluation before introducing a new dog into your home.  Please email us if in need of such service.


Have you been thinking of doing something fun with your dog but have never trained and maybe feel like you just don't know what to do? Our scent detection sessions do not require experienced handlers. We’ll teach you how to read and handle your dog and successfully take advantage of an activity that is highly beneficial for your companion animals. No pressure on you nor the dog.  We also train for scent detection competition in different venues as well as working dogs. We have walked the walk, from sport detection to working with narcotics and explosives dogs, to better serve you and provide you with actual experience working with a variety of breeds. We have titled dogs at high levels in UKC Weight Pulling, which is both an activity and a sport that build muscle mass and stamina on your dog, while working as a team. It something that you and your dog can do even in your backyard, while having fun and earning rewards. If you'd like to start your dog in Weight Pulling send us an email.

 ***If  dates and time are blocked please check through email.
Sometimes there are cancellations or appointments can be moved. Please contact us before booking a session through the calendar***



***We accept cash, check, and Pay Pal payments (required for deposit).  Payment with Pay Pal is higher due to credit card company fees. If a check is preferred it has to be sent in a timely manner, in order to reserve a consultation, board & train services and other services. For services requiring a deposit, half of the total price is to be paid through PayPal in order to book***

***All training programs and program prices subject to change. X Learning K9s LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason. **

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