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Private In-home consultations involve meeting in your home, to evaluate your dog and the relationship with family members and the environment the dog lives in. A behavior and health history is collected, while reviewing goals, safety, in-home and out of the home management, physiological development, how to solve behavior problems and how to prevent them, equipment, etc.  We specialize in working with dogs that display behaviors based on fear, with or without the aggression component. The in-home consultation is a first step to address common behavior problems such as:

- Aggressive behavior toward other dogs and/or people, destructive behavior, anxiety, house manners, separation anxiety, resource guarding (food, location, people, etc.),  leash reactivity and dog to dog issues, destruction of items, etc. We specialize in fear-based behaviors, with or without the aggression component. After the initial consultation, we can help you with a behavior modification plan to improve the situation.

- Common desired behaviors and cues: sit, down, place, wait, watch, recall.

- Dog manners: threshold boundaries (doors, vehicles etc.), counter surfing, attention-seeking behaviors, jumping up, walking on a leash, chewing, etc.

- Puppies beginnings: crate training, leash introduction, potty training,  promoting independence, socialization, fear stages, etc. Most important, the dos and don'ts with young puppies. Inappropriate handling and socialization of puppies can have life long consequences. We offer the two hours consultation for owners that do not want to go through our Puppy Starter Program or are planning for private ongoing sessions.



***If aggressive behavior is present and younger children and teens are part of the home environment, it is mandatory that we meet with them and that they are present during a consult. The same applies for adult members of the family that have been involved in problematic behavior and/or live in the household***




Location and travel information: X Learning K9s LLC, is located in Davis County, Utah. Consultations are held in your home or at our place, depending on the problem at hand. A standard $ 15 travel fee applies to anywhere within Davis County. Outside of Davis County the travel fee is $ 55 (Great Salt Lake areas, Utah County , Weber County, Cash Valley County, Box Elder County etc.) as it can take us 2 hours to travel back and forth .

Basic training sessions: they involve basic puppy and adult dog manners and minor behavioral issues (such as house training, jumping, digging, food stealing, mouthing etc.) or basic obedience ( sit, stay, down, leash walking, boundaries work etc.) are $110 per hour.

Aggressive Behavior: Anything involving aggression and behaviors that are the results of anxiety issues (fear based behavior, non-clinical "separation anxiety" aggression toward dogs and/or people,  etc.) require an average of a two hour initial consultation. Cost for the two hour initial session is  $ 250 ( refundable with a week cancellation notice). 50% of the consultation fee can applied toward any of the Board and Train programs if booked within a day from the consultation.

 Follow-up sessions: they are scheduled depending on owner availability and the issues at hand. A behavior change plan will be given and the owner will need to work with the companion animal on a daily basis. When significant aggression is present we strongly advise not to wait to book follow up sessions. Aggressive behavior means liability and we want to make sure that our clients are given the tool to safely keep and live with their companion animals. Follow up sessions are $145 per hour.


40 minutes consultations are held at public places or our place. They are for owners seeking help with puppies and for anything that does not involve significant aggressive behavior. The fee is $ 115 ( refundable with a week cancellation notice ) and 50% of it can be applied to any program of choice after we meet with the owner/s as long as it is booked within a day.
The consultation allows us to meet the dog and owners and suggest training and behavior changes protocol based on individual needs.

***We accept Zelle as a form of payment .  We also accept cash or checks , with payments received ahead of time to reserve any of our services. ***

***All training programs and program prices subject to change. X Learning K9s LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason. **

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