Maeve, Shepherd mix,  relaxing while we get a coffee.

Luna, 8 months old Great Dane, l Learning impulse control around children she does not know.

Freyja's  "head in" shaped behavior,
to protect her from grabby hands in na crowd.

X Learning K9s Board and Train options are ideal for wise and caring owners who are going through some busy times, but still want their adult dogs and puppies to continue their training and socialization. Also ideal for owners that are struggling with their dogs behavior and need help. If a puppy has been recently acquired, please do not let him/her sit in the house or backyard because you are suddenly busy. We know life happens and things change unexpectedly. We can help. Since your dog or puppy stays with us, we can keep up with the learning process on a daily basis.


Our reward based program is structured so that each dog gets individual attention and training, alternating physical and mental stimulation in-between rest time. We do not allow dogs to run amuck and be overstimulated all day long. When dogs aren’t being worked they relax in a crate, kennel or room with a chew toy/bone/Kong etc. We know that rest and relaxation are important for the management of biological and emotional stress.


Boarding adult dogs and puppies stay in a  home like environment  that is kept clean and low stress. Crates and kennels inside/outside the home are utilized for confinement, while white noise is provided through the day. Dogs need down time along with sleep time. They can get it here, unlike large scale day cares and boarding facilities.  Spacious and covered outside kennels are used when the weather permits it, and/if the individual boarding dog is comfortable with short time outdoor confinement. Dogs that are kenneled outside and inside are given enrichment toys, filled Kongs, Goughnuts, bones (raw or Nylabones) etc.  No dog is kept outside for prolonged amount of time or overnight, regardless the weather. Free time in the house is also scheduled daily, for each dog that is boarding and depending on the dog needs (some dogs are here to potty train, learn not to chew items in the house or just learn house "manners"). Cameras are used to make sure we can monitor the boarding dogs at all times, even when we leave for an in home training/behavior consultation appointment. Exercise is provided on a daily basis through outside time and/or treadmill inside (two electric treadmills available, one for smaller dogs and one for large dogs) and off leash time in the yard.


Board and Train dogs are worked several times each day. Part of the program is to take them out and about and experience the world while appropriate behaviors are reinforced. Dogs will be taken to malls, stores and plazas where they are allowed. Pictures and/or videos of daily work are provided through the day or when possible, so that owners know what is going on with their companion animals. Board and Train dogs may interact with one or two of our dogs, and other dogs,  depending on safety and the individual dog and why she/he is here. Positive reinforcement training techniques are utilized to teach the dog what behaviors we want them to learn. Training tools might be used under specific circumstances and/or for the safety of everyone involved, if it is determined that is an appropriate and fair option for the companion animal. Safety is a priority and given that we accept and work with aggressive behavior we need to be able to safely move and manage every dog . If training tools are utilized, the owner will also learn how to appropriately and effectively use them. We strive to work with dogs in a respectful and humane way while being unrealistic.

Example of basic behaviors and manners that can be addressed during Board & Train are: sit, down, watch, come, stay, “close”, wait, out, place, leave it, crate training, muzzle work, jumping up, door/vehicle/gates manners, walking on leash, chewing on appropriate items, treadmill work and potty training.


Example of problem behaviors that can be addressed during Board & Train: aggressive behavior toward people and other dogs or animals, intolerance to handling, confinement intolerance, high arousal based redirection toward handler, etc.

Puppy “stuff”: confidence building, relationship building, basic manners and obedience foundation. Puppies go out and about to experience the world. This is careful and productive socialization. We do not overwhelm young puppies and expose them to environments and situations they are not ready for. Everything involving puppies is taught using positive reinforcement methods.

Board and Train mix learning to walk in crowds and public places.

Board and Train  Doberman puppy with some noise sensitivity.

4 months old puppy learning to recall in a distracting environment.


Day Board and Train Adult Dogs:  $135 per day . Drop off is generally between 8-10 AM and pick up at between 5-6 PM . Please contact us for different time needs and we will try to work with you. A discounted package of 4 days is $ 525. Please contact us for needs with dogs that cannot be safely confined during down time, as they require us not to take any other appointment.

Our Three Weeks Board and Train program:  (basic manners for dogs without significant behavioral issue) is $2400. It includes 1.5 hour training session upon pick up, and two free home visits (travel fees added outside of Davis County boundaries), to help owners maintain the behaviors learned. Board and Train dogs will be socialized around other animals, adults, and children; exposed to different environments, while learning to be socially appropriate when in public. We provide daily updates (videos and pictures) as much as possible and based on work load,  so owners know what is happening with their companion animals.


Our Four to Five Weeks Board and Train Program: (basic manners and behavior change protocols for dogs with a variety of behavioral problems) is $ 3670. It includes 1.5 hour training session upon pick up, and three free home visits (travel fees added outside of Davis County boundaries).  This program is given priority over single day Board and Train. We only take one or two dogs for Board and Train, to make sure the right amount of attention and work is given to each dog. We put quality before quantity. We also want to be fair to the dogs we work with. We don't believe in pushing dogs too fast,  in order achieve some kind of results within an unrealistic amount of time.  We care about what the dogs look like when they go home. We feel that four weeks is the minimum amount of time we need to consider to start changing behaviors that have been reinforced and present for years. If a dog needs more time then we’ll add it. Please inquire for work with low level electric stimulation on this package. While we mainly use positive reinforcement techniques (a must in the teaching phase), we also understand that a lot of owners want some extra reliability, especially when taking their dogs off leash, or when dealing with specific behavioral issues. Northern Utah have beautiful places dogs can run off leash on , and many owners seek off leash work services that utilize electric collars.  We are happy to introduce dogs to tools in an appropriate manner, rather than creating or exacerbating previous behavioral issues. We only use high quality collars with the newest and most updated technology and will not agree to work with a cheap and low quality collar an owner might provide, as it would not be fair to the companion animal. Please understand that this is not negotiable. We advise on what brands and models to purchase or have a collar ready for them at competitive price .

Puppies Single Day Board and Train (under 6 months of age) : $ 95 per day training . Drop off is generally between 8-10 AM and pick up at between 5-6 PM . Please contact us for different time needs and we will try to work with you.


Puppy Starter Three Weeks (under 6 months of age)  Struggling with a new puppy and running low on patience? Your puppy can stay with us for three weeks and during that time we focus on life skills, basic behaviors, as well as building confidence. Your puppy will be headed in the right direction, beginning to learn to crate quietly, chew on appropriate items, down, sit, leash, place and recall. Positive reinforcement techniques are utilized. Everything puppy is fun, while still learning.  We strive to build very important skills so that a new puppy can succeed in his/her new home and life. Please keep in mind that a very young puppy cannot be expected to have 100% reliable behaviors upon cue, in every circumstance and situation. We can’t expect it from most adult dogs and it would not be realistic to expect it from young puppies either.  This program is $ 1995.  We have great results with puppy work and enjoy building a strong foundation with them.


Adult and Puppy Boarding Only: $ 65 per day.  Please inquire for other needs.

"Difficult" Dogs Boarding Only We accept dogs that display significant aggressive behavior toward humans (mandatory 30 minutes consultation prior boarding) and toward other dogs, as we know how difficult it is to find trustworthy people and facilities to board and care for said dogs. Many of them do not need added stress to the time away from their owners. We treat them with respect and like the rest of the other dogs that come in for training or boarding (see other board and train options). We have stricter safety rules, while making these dogs as comfortable as possible. Please contact us with questions or concerns. Difficult Dogs Boarding Only Fees: $85 per day. 

Board and Train girl Montana maintaining
her down inside a store.

4 months Doberman in Puppy Starter Program, becoming familiar with an exam table at a veterinary facility.

1 year old Gordon Setter, Priscilla, working on basic manners while gaining some confidence in different public places.

6 months old GSD  waiting for his food reward while keeping a down during a field trip to a store.

Leonardo. 4 months old Rottweiler
puppy, ready for the elevator to open.

A 9 months old Llewellin Setter,
Jelly Bean, enjoying off-leash time
at the bay with one of our personal dogs. 

***Muzzle training:  we recommend all dogs to be muzzled trained. It can be overwhelming for a dog to have to wear a muzzle all of a sudden, because of an unexpected need. We can take care of that for you. Dogs with aggressive behavior might be required to wear a muzzle during their stay or training with us, if we determine it is the appropriate choice, for everyone safety***

***We accept cash, check, and Pay Pal payments .  Pay Pal charges a 2.9% fee for business transactions . If a check is preferred it has to be sent in a timely manner, in order to reserve a consultation, board & train services and other services. For services requiring a deposit, half of the total price is to be paid through PayPal in order to book***

***All training programs and program prices subject to change. X Learning K9s LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason. **

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