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About the Trainer


Hi, I am Valentina. I started working with dogs of all breeds and different backgrounds at 18 years old, in a rescue setting back in my beautiful home Country of Italy.  I moved to the States in 2001 and continued being involved with rescue dogs, as a foster home. Wanting more than just “hands-on” experience, I began seeking farther education  to fully understand the principles of learning and behavior in canines, going to workshops, and seminars held by world-renowned behavior consultants and trainers. I  earned a diploma from the Companion Animal Science Institute (Dip. ADT, graduated with distinction, now replaced with the Diploma of Canine Behavior Science and Technology), which consisted of an academically advanced and comprehensive science-based curriculum.


My experience and passion also involve canine detection training.  I started in sport scent detection with the founders of the National Association on K9 Nose Work back in 2009, in California. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to the world of scent detection with military and police working dogs.  In 2015, I went through one of Randy Hare’s  Detection Trainer Schools and completed the Detection Trainer Course. In the same year, I assisted with a law enforcement only detection class in Virginia, conducted by Mr. Hare. I went back to his detection school in January 2017 with one of my rescue dogs and completed his Detection Dog Instructors Schools. Went to the three weeks course in Summit County (Utah) at the end of 2017/beginning of 2018.


My training methods are committed to helping companion animals and their owners to  live together in a trusting relationship, through empowerment, rather than using outdated methods that can damage the relationship and hinder the well being of individual animals. I also understands that training tools have a place and they can be used fairly after a strong foundation based on positive reinforcement has taken place. The reality is that there are plenty of competing reinforcers in the real world. My goal is to help regular dog owners to inprove relations with their dogs

I also LOVE bully breeds and high drive dogs in general. I am happy to step in where other trainers might have not offered a fair behavior assessment.

CASI Graduate
Pet CPR and First Aid Certified


Dip.ADT Companion Animal Science Institute


Graduate-Randy Hare Substance Detection Training Schools


International Association of Canine Professionals (#11647)


AKC Scent Work Judge (# 102363)

AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator (#29019)


ADBA Safe Dog Program  level  I & II tester

Pet Tech™ CPR and First Aid certified

Canine Good Citizen
ADBA Safe Dog Program
American Dog Breeders Assoc.
Safe Dog Program
AKC Scent work


Randy Hare Instructors Course
Dick Staal Detection Course

 Randy Hare's Detection Dog Trainers Course
January 7-25 25 2018, Kamas, UT

Randy Hare's "On- Target" Detection Seminar
Hosted by Friends for Unified Police K9 at the Special Operations Division of the Unified PD of Greater Salt Lake.
January 8-10, 2018

Dick Staal Training Seminar: Tracking & Detection

Co-hosted by, Canine Training Academy LLC &  K10 Working Dogs LLC.
May 30th to June 2nd, 2017, Canon City, CO


Randy Hare  Detection Dog Instructors Course
 January 2017 (480 hours), Jackson, MS

Randy Hare Detection Dog Trainer Course
 August 31 through September 18, 2015, Jackson, MS


Fred Helfers Understanding Olfaction and Odor seminar, June 2015, Utah.

National Association of Canine Scent Work  classes and workshops (Intro to K9 Nose Work, Intro to  Odor, Advanced K9 NW, NW1, NW2, NW3 Strategies workshops,  etc..)
Started in 2009, with one of the NACSW founders, and continued on at least on a monthly bases until October 2014. There are too many classes and workshops to list. Always welcome to inquire.

Randy Hare Detection Dog Trainers Course


-Decoy and Power Biting seminar with Justin Rigney and Carlos Ramirez, (June 4-5, 2022, ID , hosted by Blue Line K9)

-Pat Start of Operant Canine.

Motivate, Communicate, Coach seminar. Hosted  by Level 3 Canine.

( February 17-19 2023, Las Vegas NV)

-Justin Rigney of K9 Services Unlimited.
E-Collar and Power Biting workshop.
(Nov 14-16 2020, Lehi, Utah)

-Nino Drowaert of STS K9.
Puppy University and E-Collar University.
(Dec 1-2, 2017 Willard, UT)

-Dr. Ian Dunbar, Ph.D. BVetMed MRCVS.
Common Sense  & Cutting-Edge Concepts in Dog Training.
Saturday, October 4th 2014, Ontario, CA.

-Karen B. London. Ph.D, CAAB, CPDT KA
Using Play to Treat Canine Aggression.
(Ben Behavior Network, January, 2013).

-Pamela Reid
Training on the Cutting Edge: Advance Training Theory for the Top Achiever.
(Novato, CA, January 25-26, 2003)

 -Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D, CAAB.
  The Biology of Play.
  (Gentle Touch Pet Training, July 12, 2009).

-Sarah Kalnajs, APDT, ABMA, IAABC and Pat Miller:
Canine Behavior Problems: Recognition to Resolutio.n
(County of Riverside –Department of Animal Services. December 6-7, 2008)

-Jean Donaldson & Janis Bradley.
Train It Like It Matters: Counseling, Aggression and Training Execution
(Elk Lodge, Ventura CA, May 2-3, 2009).

-Pamela Reid, Ph.D.
Train on the Cutting Edge: Advanced Training Theory for Top Achievers.
(Marin Humane Society, January 25-26, 2003)

-Trish King, CPDT.
Shelter Behavior Evaluations & Body Language.
(Sacramento, March 28, 2004)

-Roger Abrantes, PhD.
Human and Canine Body Language: A New Approach to Reading Dogs and Humans.
(Marine Humane Society, Novato CA, June 3-4, 2006)

-Brenda Aloff , author of Canine Body Language - A Photographic Guide. Positive Reinforcement and Training Dogs in the Real World, Aggression in Dogs-Practical Management and Behavior Modification
AGGRESSION: Recognition and Management.
(Marin Humane Society, Novato CA, May 5-6, 2007)

-Dr. Sophia Yin & Sarah Kalnajs.
Deconstructing the Growl: Rethinking Aggression.
(Ontario, CA, May 21-2, 2011)


Ben Lepinski's Law Enforcement decoy seminar, hosted by Dirty Bandana Working Dogs . 
(December 4-6, 2023, MT)

-Jonathan Katz & Dave Santiago PSA workshop.
(March 18-19, 2023, Millcreek UT)

-Jonathan Katz PSA workshop.
(November 25-26, UT)

-Jonathan Katz workshop.
(July 31-Aug 1, 2021, Murray, UT)

- Shaun Thankachen  PSA workshop.
(February 26-27, 2022, Murray, UT)

-Kayce Cover.
Introducing the Intermediate Bridge and Application and Targets and Simple Behaviors.
(Sleeping Dogs Ranch, Royal Oaks, CA. July 21-22, 2007).

-Nicole Wilde.
Helping Fearful Dogs.
(Novato, CA, March 29, 2014)

-Nicole Wilde.
Alternative Approaches to Healing Caine Health and Behavior.
(Canoga Park at J9’s K9s, August 23, 2009)

-Ray Coppinger.
THE ORIGIN, Natural History and Behavioral Biology of DOMESTIC DOG. The Origin, Natural History & Behavioral Biology of Domestic Dogs.
(Marin Humane Society,  CA, July 14-15, 2012)

-Pat Miller.
 Real Solutions to Canine Behavior Problems (From Aggression to Common Everyday Issues).
(Ontario, Ca, March 24-25, 2012)

-John Rogerson.
Aggression (in depth).
(Encino, CA, August 16-17-18 2014)

-Trish King and Pia Silvani.
East Meet West, Canine Development.
(Novato, CA, April 8-9, 2006)

- Dr. Sphia Yin, DVM, MS.
Low-Stress Handling of Dogs and Cats: Creating a Pet-Friendly Hospital.
(Chico, California, September 9, 2012)

-Dr. Nicholas Dodman.
The Well Adjusted Dog .
(Pasadena, CA., March 26- 27, 2010


-Dr. Ian Dunbar.
Social Behavior & the Treatment of Fearfulness, Reactivity & Aggression
(Santa Clara, CA , November 9-11, 2012).

-Veronica Boutelle and Malena DeMartini-Price.
Fixing the Unfixable: A New Look at Separation Anxiety.
(San Diego, CA, April 20-21, 2013)

- Suzanne Clothier.             
Relationship Assessment Tool &Fright or Flight - Understanding the complexities of Fear and Aggression.
(Emeryville, CA, April 27-28, 2013)

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