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We are very excited to be hosting Steve DeTata from California, for a "Revisiting the Basics" workshop on the 19th of June, out here in Northern Utah.  This is a working and/or audit workshop, in a great building in Murray, Utah.  The focus will be on Interiors searches, with plenty of rooms to go through. Below is a picture of a board and train dog of ours in the same building. Steve is an accomplished competitor and instructor with tons of knowledge and experience in the sport detection arena. He is also very passionate about the sport. The workshop is 9 AM to 6 PM.
Snacks and drinks will be provided. If staying all day please bring your own lunch.
Dogs must be safely crated inside vehicles during the workshop, at least for the morning sessions. An email with guidelines for safe crating during warm days will be sent to all partecipants. Crating inside the building will be possible for the afternon, if it gets too hot.

We are taking a maximum of 10 working spots, to be able to run teams through several searches the the whole day.

Working spots fee (all day): $ 185
Audit spot fee (all day) : $ 100

Please contact for questions and reserving a spot. If wanting a working spot, please send some info about your team mate and where you are as a team.  Every team has their own strengths and needs.  Each team will be evaluated and individual suggestions will be given, with the goal of improving performance. All teams must be on Birch, Anise and Clove target odors.

Some of the topics:

*Are you reading your dog or is your dog reading you?

* Reward delivery and continuing the search

*Covering the search area – being methodical vs. your dog deciding where to go

*Keeping focus, dealing with distractions.

*Leash control

* Starting the search

*When is the search over?​  



NACSW Certified Nose Work Instructor, has been involved in K9 Nose Work since 2010.  In 2013, he and his dog, Juliet (American Pit Bull Terrier) became the 9th team in the nation to earn the Nose Work 3 Elite Title, achieving the Title in 5 Nose Work 3 Trials, and in 2015 achieved their Elite 1 Title in the minimum two trials before Juliet retired from competing due to health reasons. Steve andJuliet were invited to the 2014 NACSW National Invitational, where the top 31 Nose Work teams in the country competed.  They finished in First Place on day one and were one of twelve teams to advance to the Finals. They were invited to the 2015 NACSW National Invitational, where they again advanced to the Finals.

Steve and his second dog, Bella (American Pit Bull Terrier) have two Nose Work 3 Titles. Steve and his dogs received pronounced designations at NW1, NW2 and NW3 trial levels and achieved a first place overall finish at NW2, and two second place overall finishes and one third place overall finish at NW3.

Steve has been instructing K9 Nose Work since 2013. He teaches beginning level to Summit League competitors in NACSW and Novice to Detective Classes in AKC. He has instructed over 250 Nose Work teams and has had over 75 different breeds of companion dogs in his classes. His students routinely finish in the top three in trials, individual searches and receive pronounced designations. His students have achieved perfect 100 scores at NACSW Elite Division Trials, Elite Champion Titles, Summit League Titles and Detective Class Titles in AKC Scent Work.

Steve has attended numerous detection dog seminars, and took part in a year-long Naval Research Lab Detection Dog Study with his dog, Juliet. He has implemented K9 Nose Work Enrichment Programs at several shelters in Orange County. Steve is an AKC Scent Work Judge for Novice through Detective Classes, an Expert AKC Judge responsible for mentoring prospective Judges, NACSW ORT Certifying Official and Judge, NACSW National Trial Coordinator and served as the first Western United States representative for the NACSW Trial Division Rule’s Committee.

As an AKC Scent Work Judge, Steve has judged over 50 Trials and every class of competition. He has observed and judged over 3000 trial searches.



About Steve:

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