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Private In home consultations involve meeting in your home, to evaluate your dog and the relationship with family members and the environment the dog lives in. A behavior and health history is collected, while reviewing goals, safety, in home and out of the home management, physiological development, how to solve behavior problems and how to prevent them, equipment etc. The in home consultation is a first step to address common behavior problems such as:

- Aggressive behavior toward other dogs and/or people, destructive behavior, anxiety, house manners, separation anxiety, resource guarding (food, location, people etc.),  leash reactivity and dog to dog issues, destruction of items etc. We specialize in fear based behavior, with or without the aggression component. After the initial consultation we can help you with a behavior modification plan to improve the situation.

- Common desired behaviors and cues: sit, down, place, wait, watch, recall.

- General manners: threshold boundaries (doors, vehicles etc.), counter surfing, attention seeking behaviors, jumping up, walking on leash, chewing.

***If aggressive behavior is present and younger children and teens are part of the home environment, it is mandatory that we meet with them and they are present during a consult. The same applies for adult members of the family that have been involved in problematic behavior and/or live in the household. ***

Loce owner, rescues or other needs) on a regular basis we still can provide them when needed.  Please ask if such a service is needed.


Behavior Evaluation
Behavior Evaluation

***We accept cash, check, and Pay Pal payments (required for deposit).  Payment with Pay Pal is higher due to credit card company fees. If a check is preferred it has to be sent in a timely manner, in order to reserve a consultation, board & train services and other services. For services requiring a deposit, half of the total price is to be paid through PayPal in order to book***

***All training programs and program prices subject to change. X Learning K9s LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason. **

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